Teaching and Learning Process

Our teachers combine modern language learning resources with up-to-date teaching techniques to ensure that you progress as quickly as possible.

During the course, emphasis is placed upon the four macro skill areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary development.

Classroom materials are drawn from a wide variety sources, including academic, high school, business and general English texts, TV, radio, video, newspapers, journals and magazines.

These materials are used in the classroom in a communicative and interactive way to ensure that you obtain maximum English language practice in all four macro skill areas.

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General English (GE)

English for Academic Purpose (EAP)

High School Preparation (HSP)

English for Nursing and Other Health Care Professionals (ENOHCP)

English for Coordinating and Management of Welfare, Community and Childcare Services (ECMWCCS)

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