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We have a mix of nationalities, mostly Asian, which varies at different times of the year. Most of our students come here on a long term basis to study in an Australian college or university in the future. Our younger students, down to 12 years of age, study in High School Preparation classes, in order to join an Australian secondary school at the grade of years 7 10, or year 11 and 12.

Our adult students are usually aiming for a diploma or a degree (via a foundation year or directly), which they can commence when their English is good enough.

We also have study groups, which can be any school age, and from time to time, special exam classes, such as Cambridge BEC or FCE. As with any privately run institution, we respond to changing student needs in order to keep up in a competitive environment. Specialty Language Centre / Oxford College of English is also one of the leading schools in international English language exam preparation. We have a high success rate in:-

Cambridge (CAE, CPE, FCE)
Cambridge Business English Certificate 1& 2

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General English (GE)

English for Academic Purpose (EAP)

High School Preparation (HSP)

English for Nursing and Other Health Care Professionals (ENOHCP)

English for Coordinating and Management of Welfare, Community and Childcare Services (ECMWCCS)

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