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Since its establishment, Specialty Language Centre / Oxford College of English has developed a reputation for academic excellence and a high level of student satisfaction. We believe that this is due to our professional approach to the delivery of our courses.

Our college employs only qualified and experienced teachers who are professional, friendly and dedicated. All of our teachers have a degree from a recognized university and qualifications in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language).

Our teachers also attend teaching and language workshops and conferences concerning new developments in their teaching fields, ensuring the most up-to-date teaching techniques are used in our classrooms. Most of our teachers have taught English in other parts of the world, and understand what it is like to learn a language and live in a foreign country.

The Student Welfare Officer helps you with any personal problems you may experience, such as adapting to life in a new country. The Office will also help arrange your accommodation with a family in Sydney. The Academic Counsellor helps you with any enquiries concerning studies in a high school, a college or a university in Australia.

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